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Etienne de Maeyer

Since my childhood I have been obsessed with photography.

Photography since 1958.

Photoshop since version 3.5.

Photos in collections :

France, Greece, Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands Canada,

Luxembourg and Japan.

Exhibitions :

Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and

All my works are subject to copyright.

Equipment :

Nikon D850 with


Nikon D500

Godox V860II nikon

Nikon SB700

Lenses :

14mm f 1.8

24/70mm f2.8 tamron

16mm fish eye f2.8

90mm f2.8 macro Tamron

105mm f1.4 sigma

120/300mm f2.8 sigma

200/500mm nikkor f 5.6

I also have my own



Didi van Hove

Equipment :

Nikon d850

Nikon D500

Godox V860II Nikon

Nikon SB 900

Lenses :

16/35 mm f4

24/70 f2.8 sigma art

40mm 1.4 sigma art

85mm f 1.4 sigma art

105mm f 2.8 makro Sigma

70/200 mm f 2.8 sigma


I also have my own